Report on building ecommerce site for fashion designers

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Report on building ecommerce site for fashion designers


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Most effective SEO tips

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These are some most effective SEO tips

Keyword Stuffing

This is name given when there are too many references to your keywords. Google may decide that you are a Spam Site and demote or sandbox you.

Google Sandbox

If your site upsets Google your site may disappear from the SERPS and effectively be sandboxed.


Search Engine Results Page: you want to be on the first one or two for your keyword phrase.

On Page SEO

This refers to all you can do optimize your website or web page for SEO as apposed to the more difficult Off Page SEO which includes back-linking, blogging, Social Website marketing.

Broken Links

Everyone dislikes broken links, missing images, Google does as well and will down rate your site. Use a link-checker website to get a report on your site

Well structured site with good navigation

Anything that makes your site easy to navigate for humans will generally make it easier for Google to explore and index your site.

Web Silos

This is the sectioning of your website into different themes that are hardly inter-linked but have a lot of internals links.

Visit Competitors Websites

When you put your keyword phrase into a Search Engine go to the websites that appear on the first page and see what they are doing right.

Read their Meta tags look at their layout, keyword frequency; is there anything you can learn from them?

Viewing your website as a visitor would

It’s important to try and view your website as others might. The could ask a friend or colleague to review the site, how easy it is to navigate your site and what he perceives the message to be. Also there are many websites which will analyze your site from a SEO point of view.

Why you will succeed with your SEO

You will succeed because you painstakingly apply what you know. Every significant image with an Alt Tag, relevant and different Title and Meta tags on every page, good focused content, intuitive site navigation and so on. This requires persistence and patience and many people frankly can’t be bothered or get fed up halfway through, if you don’t then your website will do better than theirs.

Add new content regularly

Search Engines like fresh content, in fact they pride themselves on their ability to index new information.

Meta Keywords Tag

Focus on phrases, rather than single keywords in your Meta Keywords section

Meta Keywords Tag

Use a maximum of 10-15 keywords/phrases in the Meta Keywords tag on each page of your website. Make sure they different for each page, a maximum of 400 characters including spaces, commas.


Put your CSS in includable stylesheet files eg /css/main.css this reduces the clutter on your page and makes life easier for the Search Engine Robots who index your site.


A little file in your home directory which tells the search engines what NOT to index.

Anchor Text

You will often see a hyperlink Click Here The clickable bit is called Anchor Text It is essential in SEO terms to get your Keyword Phrase in there instead eg Click the following to learn more about Baboon Hairbrushes .

Page/Off Page SEO

On Page SEO is everything you can do on your Website to optimize your SEO. That in a way is your easy part because it is under your control. Off Page SEO is everything you do to get other people to link to your website it also includes all the links you can get back to your site Backlinks by posting in forums and by social marketing (Facebook, Twitter etc). Once again the quality and relevance of any links is very important.

Back links

Links to your site from other relevant quality websites and forums. One-way links to your site are the best as they imply that your site is the important one. Best if from a related site with a high Google PR. Should not be from a link farm.

Local SEO

Many service-based businesses such as plumbers, dentists are only interested in attracting local customers. Local SEO is currently very big.You need to get local geographical information into the website.

Traffic Retention

Once your hard-won visitor decides to leave your site make sure that as many as possible of the hyperlinks leaving your site are to OTHER websites you own! Don’t have just-for-the-sake-of-it links to Wikipedia etc.

Keyword Density/Saturation

This is the number of times your most important keyword phrases are repeated on a single page, helping to indicate how that keyword is the “focus” of what the webpage is about. Most webmasters aim to get a 3%-7% saturation rate for their most valued keywords or keyword strings. Search Engines may penalize saturation above these levels, don’t risk it.

Google Analytics

The easiest way to keep track of visitors especially if you have lots of websites is to use Google Analytics (free). Tell you how many visitors per day, month. Where they came from, what keywords they used to find your site etc etc

Pay Per Click

This is legitimate way to buy traffic. However many people lose money with PPC as it is a skill in itself.

•           43Canonical URL :

Not not not

•           44Linking to your pages

Don’t link to /hairbrushes/ in one place and /hairbrushes/index.php in another, Google will split the link-juice between the two versions it will NOT assume that they are the same. Lesson 1 be consistent. Lesson 2 use the short form /hairbrushes/

Give Your kid a Secured opportunity With Child Life Insurance

Metropolitan Life Insurance (6)

Metropolitan Life Insurance (6) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Give Your kid a Secured opportunity With Child Life Insurance

Child Life Insurance Policy that today’s children to protect their child’s uncertainty, but it played a crucial role in financial planning for their children. Another benefit of the children’s insurance plan, even if the maturity of the guaranteed return of the long-term investment in the Warrants on the market. A child’s life insurance can be your solid investment, will receive benefits at the right time.

A wide range of child labor, the current plan, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. For example, if you’re looking for your child’s college education, usually in the 18-21 years of age to start saving, then you can select an education program for children. To pay a monthly premium, you can start preparing for your child to choose their own career. Child Life Insurance financing of the education of children is not easy to become more comprehensive and premium label specialized courses in the current circumstances, the tariff structure.

Education is everyone’s right, you also want to give it the best son. You are free to attention, including the selection of a child’s life insurance, on the one hand, they involve risks and uncertainties, followed by helping to establish a fund education.

Married, have children is the responsibility of every parent. (Child Life Insurance ) Marriage expenditure in India is enormous, not everyone can afford to arrange funds within a very short time. Concern in order to make this predicament, is not a child’s life insurance plan you can begin to invest use of funds, or his son because of the arrival and maturation of new family members arrived, as far as possible the best way to.

The future based on economic security and safety of the child’s program is doing. The only consideration is to wisely choose your insurance provider. Insurance plan for each child, with the double advantage of making its policy, the rights of all buyers. Child Life Insurance Payment of premiums, returns, warranty claims in case of emergency, etc. is easy to select, you can ensure that this investment choices, you can get the best for your child.

In case you want to know how to buy the right plan for children, then you can seek the help of the Internet, get to know the suppliers and the insurance plan options. Child Life Insurance Know all the facts, then make an informed decision to buy the policy. Child life insurance is a priceless gift that will make your children, so to determine what is best for him.

Professional Indemnity Insurance – Do you really Need?

China Insurance Building (中国保险大厦), Shanghai

China Insurance Building (中国保险大厦), Shanghai (Photo credit: thewamphyri)

Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives - Fro...

Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives – Front Office (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Professional Indemnity Insurance – Do you really Need?

Professional Indemnity Insurance (also known as income from the investment portfolio, portfolio insurance professional liability insurance of the PLI and errors and omissions insurance) is essential for the cover of either party to provide services advice, guidance or training. If you are an industry professional, creative companies, data processing companies, insurance is essential, but may be difficult to know whether such coverage is necessary.

In this article,

Let’s explore what the industry needs  Professional Indemnity Insurance , why this type of coverage throughout the UK and companies around the world is very important.

Who needs professional liability insurance?

If you think you need to IP, chances are you’re right! Basically, if you are in a wrong or miscarriage of justice at work may affect the client or third line of business, professional liability insurance is an important form of cover that can protect your small error, Sometimes life can throw your way. If you are unsure, you can help yourself the following questions: (Indemnity Insurance)

A. Their clients to provide advice and guidance?

Two. His work with the data?

3. Technology solutions and services?

4. Creative Services offer?

5 The important client confidentiality at work?

6. Important documents in their work with key customers?

If you answered “yes” to any of these issues, to take the professional liability insurance is a very smart idea.

Basically, PI insurance coverage should unexpected errors, mistakes, error of judgment or mistake adversely affect their clients. If the client is in this case, legal action, civil liability insurance cover the cost of any other loss of a successful claim, litigation costs and your business.

What the industry needs professional liability insurance?

As a general rule, any professional in the industry needs a PI, but this definition is not particularly clear. Give you some important ideas in the field of insurance, here are some examples:

• IT companies (from a programmer’s computer support)

• Financial Accountants (the bankers)

Creative Enterprise (company advertising and marketing photography)

• The architects, travel agents, engineers, real estate agent …

This list is not exhaustive in any way. ( Professional Indemnity Insurance )If you are unsure, please contact us, “I need the above list of insurance experts and insurance to speak If you need insurance, it is very important to ensure that you meet this need for protection of rights is Instead, .. the risk of his life and business. Therefore, for immediate payment!

Confidence to Heal from Childhood Trauma


Sadness (Photo credit: Bradley.Johnson.)

Suzanne Perry delivered a powerful account of ...

Suzanne Perry delivered a powerful account of her former life as a victim of domestic violence for over half her life at SUNY ECC City for domestic violence awareness month. She tours the Buffalo, and Western New York area, touching and inspiring every member of her audience. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


sadness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Supporters of domestic violence victims look a...

Supporters of domestic violence victims look at an Empty Plate/Silent Witness display, Wednesday, at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. The place settings memorialize victims of domestic violence in the Hawaii Army community. The display was a part of a proclamation signing ceremony that outlines the Army’s commitment to protecting victims of domestic violence. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Childes are the most sensitive creation in this world. Mostly children do not share their some important things with parents in which more important is “Childhood trauma”. Childhood trauma can be due to anything that makes a child feel helpless and disrupts their sense of safety and security, including: sexual, physical or verbal abuse; domestic violence; an unstable or unsafe environment; separation from a parent; neglect; harassment; serious illness; or intrusive medical procedures.

It creates sadness, mistrust, low self-esteem, and addictive behavior in Childs which lead them to away from their natural life and they goes for drugs becomes sex addictive and can be difficult for them to be a good social person.

It’s not the thing that can never be removed from the mind of children’s but the problem is kids do not share it with their parents or any one. So it’s the responsibility of their parents to judge their kids and help them to remove this thing from their mind.

We can remove this thing by many ways and this sadness can me in me or you or any one. So we have to find solution of this sickness.

First of all we have to find the reason of this sadness. Why we are sad due to this thing from many years.

Then we can ask some questions to ourselves

Who was responsible for this?

So what can be the solution?

In first question first of all sure yourself it was not your fault. Do not feel guilty for this because in childhood nobody knows right and wrong things.

Humans always make mistakes”

So if you are not making mistake then you are not a human. So it’s better for learning to make mistakes in life for the first time in life because mistakes help you to learn from the life.

In second question we will come to the solution. So solution to forget your past and live in present is do not make that mistake again and try to keep away you from wrong activities. Never feel helpless and control your emotions hope things will get better soon.

How performance can be better by soft variables?

How performance can be better by soft variables?

For the success of any organization we need two types of elements. First is hard and other is soft. All hard and soft elements have great effect on the performance of organization.

Here I’m going to discuss the importance of soft elements and how we can improve the performance of organization by these soft variables.

First soft variable is the leadership commitment. Leader has great role in improving the performance of the employees and the output of the organization.  If he is honest with his work and doing the right job and cooperated with his peoples automatically he is improving the performance of organization system.

Second is team work, team is the name of unity. If the people of organization will work together and cooperate with each other they will learn from each other and will increase the performance of overall organization because unity is the best policy.

Communication also has great role in the performance of the organization. Every organization has the entire system of communication. If the communication system of an organization is good it will be better for the success and performance of that organization. For the better communication there is necessary we should have feedback of our communication. There are different methods of communication in an organization video conference is one of them

Innovation has a great role in making the system of performance better.  Innovation in the product of a company comes throw experience and new ideas. This is the process of bringing changes in something. Companies try to bring something new in the market to get competitive advantage and an innovation shows that they are well performing or not.

Reward is the basic key of performance. if the reward system of organization is good there employees will perform well . It can be in the form of career opportunity or by increasing the pay. There are also some characteristics’ of reward system for example flexibility, visibility tome lines and durability.

Empowerment is related to authority. We use it in every organization with different process.  The process of doing empower the others is good for the performance system for example when we empower our old employees witch have more experience and so loyal to the organization. The can increase our productivity and can produce better performance. For the empowerment we should have decision making authority and must have full information and resources. If we have power and authority we can improve our performance by using it in positive way.

Proper Training can increase our performance because training is the very important part of learning. Training can give us new skills and new opportunities to be successful in market. If our employees have proper training they can perform well for example  without training employees don’t know how we can reduce the cost but when we train them they will use machinery properly and perform better the before .

Ratio, Horizontal and Vertical Analysis of Textile Companies


Research Methodology

Research methodology means the scientific method of conducting a research. It is the research which can be selected for conducting a study according to nature and scope of the subject. The result of the research is capable of being evaluated either by the researcher himself or by others. Only secondary data is used for the project work.

Collection of Data

Through Secondary Data:

The secondary data used are mainly published audited financial statements of the past 2 years (2008-09), periodical journals’ and some daily reports of the company.

Analysis and Interpretation:

This study is extended to analyse the financial statement of four textile companies of Pakistan for analysing the solvency, liquidity and profitability of the company. For this we used two important methods i.e.

ü  Ratio Analysis

ü  Horizontal and Vertical Analysis.

For the meaningful and successful completion of the project, work tables and graphs are used.


Though the allawasaya mill is showing profits but according to its annual report its profit are decreasing. This decrease in profits is due to its unproductive fixed assets. Because it is very old mill and using those assets which have become obsolete.

So to improve it and to attract the investors they should take some steps like:

They should use the new machinery to increase their production and to improve the quality of their products.

They should reduce the cost of sales by adopting good budgeting techniques. As from the annual report it is seen that they have idle inventory. So they should consider the budgeting.

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